Operation match dating service

We mean operation match, the dating service that ran on a five-ton mainframe computer, using spinning tape drives to arrange your next date tech time warp of the week: in the '60s, there was a proto-tinder that ran on a 5-ton mainframe. Used by college students and denizens of catskill resorts' singles week promotions, operation match was an unqualified success (at least for its creators): more than a million people used its services by the time it was sold in 1968. Long before tinder and matchcom, students at unc and other schools looked to a computer for help finding dates with a program called “operation match.

Their first and most successful promotion, operation match, is an enterprise that tries to arrange compatible dates this fall, approximately 70,000 american college students will send three dollars and a completed questionnaire to the offices of meussrs. Operation match was the first computer dating service in the united states, begun in 1965 the predecessor of this was created in london and was called as st james computer dating service (later to become com-pat) started by joan ball in 1964.

Love in the technology era compatibility research inc they called the dating service operation match miles donovan get today's headlines in your inbox.

Harvard students founded a landmark computer-dating service around the same time, and as the crimson reported in 1965, their banner reads 'sex,' their creed is written on the circuits of a computer, and their initial organized uprising is called operation match.

Show notes before tinder, before eharmony, before the internet, there was operation match this is the story of the roots of online dating, when, in 1965, a computer the size of a van helped people find their perfect dates. So when she saw the coupon in the temple news in 1965 for operation match - the nation's first big computer dating service - she mailed in her $3, a lot of money in those days, hoping for fun and dates.

Two harvard students  jeff tarr and vaughan morrill  came up with the idea for operation match, a computer dating service, in the mid-1960 s. This is a timeline of online dating services that also includes st james computer dating service some ninety thousand operation match.

Operation match dating service
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